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 Pour les 20 ans du manga...

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MessageSujet: Pour les 20 ans du manga...   Pour les 20 ans du manga... I_icon_minitimeMer 12 Juil 2017 - 9:53

...Oda, d'autres auteurs et leur maison d'édition ont décidé de célébrer les 20 ans avec tout un tas de choses, dont voici une liste :

- "Novel Ace" volume 1 will focus on how Ace established Spade Pirates.

- "Novel Ace" volume 2 and 3 will handle the story until Ace dies which has not been revealed in manga before.

- Novel Ace's author is Shou Hinata (ひなたしょう), known for Naruto novels and such.

- Oda's long interview

- Special poster drawn by Oda

- "Novel Straw Hat Crew" is a short novel which focuses on each member of Straw Hats. The author is Tomohito Osaki.

- "Picture Book Light and Darkness -a story of Luffy, Ace and Sabo-" will focus on their childhood.
The author is a picture book artist Shinsaku Nagata. We can see his drawings on his website.

- Katsuya Terada is responsible for the cover page drawing of Ace novel volume 1.

- Special manga drawn by Oda

- Special manga (Oda from the perspective of his assistants) *unknown author

- Special manga (the daily life of ONE PIECE audience) * unknown author

- Super-realistic bounty poster of Luffy. The poster is covered with wax.

- Article about Straw Hats based on their characteristics

- "Super SBS" includes
- Usopp Gallery Extra
- Question and Answer section in which successive editors (not Oda) will answer questions from audience.
- Many photos section sent from audience
- OP Senryu

- ONE PIECE Magazine is said to be a "gorgeous" mook.

- Release date
Volume 1 (July 7th)
Volume 2 (August 4th)
Volume 3 (September 1st)

Ace novel is "official ", so Oda will supervise it, probably.

Traduction en anglais des twitt d'Oda à ce sujet :

3 volumes of ONE PIECE Magazines will be on sale on July 7th, August 4th and September 1st (Fridays)!!
This magazine is an 20th anniversary book for ONE PIECE. I've read and found it very informative. It looks like a cool fashion magazine.
I can't help being grateful that many people helped us to create this magazine.
I drew a bonus manga and a very long poster for it. Editor says they will be published in 3 OP magazines separately. That's a good decision.
I was wondering if I should enjoy drawing a long poster via CG. However, it got decided that Katsuya Terada-san known as a big boss in CG industry will make a drawing for the magazine.
I thought, "Come on! There is no way I can make a CG drawing in the same magazine in which Terada-san will draw!!"
This is why I decided to draw the poster via hand drawing as usual. I put much effort to draw it. Ace drawing by Terada-san is awesome as well.
This magazine is a "mook", so it will be impossible to buy later on if you missed this opportunity. Be sure to buy OP Magazines so as not to regret.

Sources : le forum américain (très fiable côté news).

(si quelqu'un est chaud pour traduire tout ça en français, n'hésitez pas !)

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Pour les 20 ans du manga...
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